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TICA-QGC, CFA GC Kelimcoons Supernatural Sam
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8 & 10 months

6/7 months

11 wks

SGC-RW, GC Kelimcoons Amp


CH/CH Versus Trading Paint of Kelimcoons
GC, RW Versus Ice Dive
GC, RW Mainesuspect Lacoste of Coonoquan
GC Coonoquan Mariella of Versus, DM
CH Versus Danae
RW-SGC Onocoon Anthony
QGC Versus Laetitia
TGC/GRC Hollishill Evangeline of Kelimcoons
CH Cabincoon Quintus Arrius of Hollishill
NW, GC, BW Cabincoon Dakota
GC Cabincoon Cactus Cate
Hollishill Cosette
CH Heritagecoons Syrano of Hollishill
CH Kelimcoons Angelika of Hollishill
GP Angtini Tahiri of Kelimcoons GC, RW Rickoon's Rockford
GC Cats Landing Coon Idol Rubin GC Coonchai's Shoeless Joe Jackson
Cats Landing Hotti Lake Lotti
CH Lijakae's Chestnut of Rickcoons GC Lijakae Gen Beauregard
Shimrick Tinker
Angtini's Gabbiano
GC Dewisplear Cortland Mayfair GC, RW 5800 Dreams Clyde Vandusen 1929
CH XTC Deirdre of Dewisplear, DM
CH Angtini's Sophie CH Avicats Mattia Pascal of Angtini
CH Angtini's Sicily

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