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Our Kitten Price

Just thought we would write up a quick page on why our kitten price is what it is and share with you some examples of our expenses....

- Yearly vaccines for all adults - distemper, rabies and 2 kitten shots per kitten.
- Antibiotics and other medications  for kittens, adults, de-worming medicine for all adults and kittens.
- Then you have unexpected large expenses such as a female might need a c-section, pyometra emergency spays, seems like a few cats per year get some type of expensive illness, also routine dentals and spays & neuters. 

- We try and ultrasound the hearts on our all our breeding cats often, starting at age 1 for males, 2 for females. (roughly $150-$300 per cat)
- Recent DNA gene test on all breeding cats. ($60 per cat)

- Roughly each show costs about $500 a weekend.  We have travel expenses, show entry fees, one or two nights hotel.  We believe all good breeders should be showing and getting high titles on their cats.  This means the breeder is breeding good quality in type and temperament.
- All of our cats are registered in 2 associations, TICA & CFA.
- Then we have to register the litters in each association.
- Any Championship, Grand Championship title has a claim fee.
- Show supplies such as shampoo, grooming products, show curtains & show tents.

- Cat litter
- Cat food (canned and dry)
- General supplies, cat boxes, cat toys, bed, scratching posts, cat trees, cat carriers.

- A male breeding cat costs roughly $1500 - $3000 and females are roughly $1000 to $2000.  Again that is without shipping costs which can run up to $500.


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