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Kitten Contract

each kitten is sold with this contract, signed by
both breeder and new owner


The following agreement has been made between the following people on the date of ___________________ Price:$___________
Breeder: Kelimcoons Buyer:








Kitten/Cat Name: Color: Birth Date:
Sire: Dam:

1.  A kitten is a lifetime commitment.   The buyer accepts the responsibility of caring for this kitten and providing properly for its welfare for the entire life of the kitten.   This kitten will never be sold, given away or left at an animal shelter.   Our kittens are raised to be part of the family, and re-homing a kitten/cat should be a desperate last result.  If kitten/cat must be rehomed, breeder must be contacted. 

2.  The buyer agrees never to allow this kitten outdoors unless leashed and accompanied by a responsible adult to supervise its freedom for its health and safety.  If this kitten/cat is allowed outdoors all health guarantees are null and void.

3. The buyer agrees never to breed this kitten and to have it altered prior to 10 months of age. We recommend altering between 6-7 months of age for females and 7-10 months for males. A certificate or receipt of spay/neuter by your vet is required. Once we receive the certificate we will send buyer the kitten’s registration papers

4. The buyer agrees never to de-claw this kitten, and understands that de-clawing is a mutilation and a cruelty that is likely to alter the kitten's temperament and health.

5.  If any of the above terms are violated, the buyer agrees to pay all court costs in Grafton County if this contract is litigated.   

6. Buyer must notify breeder of change of phone number or e-mail address.


1. Kelimcoons works very hard to ensure we breed the healthiest cats to the best of our knowledge. We try our best to study pedigrees and breed the healthiest cats possible in many ways. Two of the most common health problems in Maine Coons are heart problems (HCM) and gum disease (gingivitis). It’s not uncommon for Maine Coons to have gingivitis of varying degrees during their lifetime. We ultrasound our cats hearts to ensure they are HCM free at that time and remove any cat from our breeding program with heart or severe mouth issues. Despite our best efforts, it is not always possible to prevent genetic defects or hereditary diseases in our cats.

Stomatitis is another capricious condition being seen today more frequently in ALL felines and of unknown origin…not necessarily heritable and possibly an abnormal response to vaccines or calici virus.  Kelimcoons recommends core vaccines only…and after a booster at about one year…no more three way vaccines, and only rabies as per your state law. 

2. Kelimcoons is a FIV/FELV free cattery.  The buyer has 7 days to have this kitten tested for the FELV/FIV viruses if desired. The breeder guarantees that this kitten is presently free of disease, and that this kitten will be accepted for a full refund of purchase price if returned within 10 days with a veterinarian's certificate that this kitten has a health problem.  No cash refunds after 10 days of purchase.  Refund shall never exceed the purchase price of the kitten.

3. Kelimcoons guarantees that to the best of their knowledge this kitten is in good health upon delivery.  Kelimcoons is not responsible for any veterinary bills incurred by the buyer once the buyer takes possession of this kitten.

4. It is not uncommon for a kitten to develop sneezing/watery eyes or diarrhea from vaccinations or the stress of leaving/entering a new home. Stress induced illnesses are not covered by the health guarantee. We ask that you isolate your kitten from existing pets for 10 days. To ensure we are providing the healthiest kitten possible we check each kitten with an exam/health certificate by our veterinarian before each kitten goes home.

5.  Replacements:  We guarantee a replacement (providing Kelimcoons is still breeding MC cats) if your cat/kitten dies from HCM (up to age 4 yrs).    If  kitten/cat dies suddenly of suspected HCM a necropsy report signed by a licensed veterinarian must be presented to the Breeder to ensure it was HCM and not some other issue.

Vaccinated with Pfizer Felocel 3 (RCP) on ______________
RABIES: Needs at 16 weeks or after.
We do NOT recommend the Leukemia (FELV) or FIP vaccine.

Wormed: Negative fecal on _____________ Panacur used on _____________

Other Conditions of Sale:



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