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Kelimcoons Forget Me Not
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DGC Kelimcoons TomTom
LA-SGC Coonificent Coach

RW-SGC Mainleyclassic Night Stalker
IW-SGC Broadsway Redding, OS
RW-Ch Mainleyclassic Enigma
Coonificent Pomarancza

SGC Blazin Arrow Paco of Coonificent
Coonificent Saving Grace Slick
GP Angtini Tahiri of Kelimcoons
GC, RW Rickoon's Rockford
GC Cats Landing Coon Idol Rubin
CH Lijakae's Chestnut of Rickcoons
Angtini's Gabbiano
GC Dewisplear Cortland Mayfair
CH Angtini's Sophie
Kelimcoon's Let It Ride
SGC-RW, GC Kelimcoons Amp
CH/CH Versus Trading Paint of Kelimcoons
GC, RW Versus Ice Dive
CH Versus Danae
TGC/GRC Hollishill Evangeline of Kelimcoons
CH Cabincoon Quintus Arrius of Hollishill
Hollishill Cosette
Kelimcoons Delinda Deline

CH/CH Kelimcoons Dodge Charger
IW- SGC Sarajen Jaegermeister
CH Nascat Danica Patrick of Kelimcoons
Mellokat Sedona of Kelimcoons
FogCity Julian McMahon of Hollishill 
TGC Mellokat Mercedes


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